Code Double Ups OR Code on page twice


Can I have the Nudge code twice on the page?

The answer is, it depends on the scenario. 


Potential causes

There are many reasons why this may occur,

  • Two companies are tracking the content with Nudge.
  • Sometimes to fix a template issue elsewhere the code ends up doubling up. For example: a template1 is across Content A, B and template2 is across Content B and C. Nudge code is added to both templates to cover A, B & C but ends up on Content B twice.


When is ok and when is it a problem? 

1) Two pieces of code, two different Nudge IDs

  • This is ok.

2) Same Nudge ID, on page twice

  • This is ok and won’t interfere with tracking.

3) Same Nudge ID, on page twice, one is via an iframe (or via DCM / Floodlight)

  • This can cause problems.
  • Nudge will likely record each impression twice, doubling counts for impressions.

4) Different Nudge IDs, on page twice, one is via an iframe (or via DCM / Floodlight)

  • This should track fine. 
  • Note however, that the code served via an iframe may have some limitations in metrics that it can track. These are usually scroll metrics (average scroll, time taken to point, where did people drop off) as well as our social data (earned impressions, share button clicks).


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