To onboard LiveRamp data, connect with your Nudge Account Manager with your LiveRamp Manager. 

The process is:

  • Nudge & LiveRamp identify the matched IDs. 
  • Nudge then matches against internal data. 
  • Builds a private campaign view. 
  • Depending on campaign size, you can do campaign (all content) and by partner. 

To achieve this, Nudge needs 1-2 weeks notice. Please chat with your Account Manager to get this set up, as it is a managed service set up. 


If you would like to match with content purchased from third party partners

You need to make some changes in in your campaign set up

  1. Ensure your content partners have provided permission for Nudge to track LiveRampIDs.
  2. You should include this in your contract. Example language below.
  3. Note: Your partner may already be opted in. 
  4. Your partner may need to amend their data policies, but most often are already covered by their existing systems. Please check with them.
  5. The data can be shared with your partner as well upon request.


Example contractual language: 

a. Data Distribution Services: LiveRamp will ingest online Client Data and facilitate the distribution of Client’s Data (i.e. data segments and attributes of its users associated with Client IDs) to third-party platforms for the purpose of performing ad targeting and measurement. In particular, Client will deliver Client Data files to LiveRamp through a mutually-agreed upon delivery mechanism, which may include use of a client-side tag, LiveRamp Connect, or SFTP upload. LiveRamp will then translate and match the Client Data to LiveRamp IDs, and, at the direction of Client, distribute Client Data to third-party destinations within the LiveRamp network via Platform Integration IDs.

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