How to add Nudge with Ceros

Nudge integrates seamlessly with your Ceros experience.



To get fully set-up with our tracker, you will need to retrieve your Nudge account code from your installation page. This can be found at<YOUR USERNAME>


You will see a page like as below.




If you copy the "script" portion of this (i.e. from the above example, copy // (remove the .js).


You will then need to:


1) Log into your Ceros account

2) Select the Experience you wish to track

3) You should be in your Experience edit, as below.




4) Select "Settings" (top right) and "Custom HTML". You should see a screen, as below.



Please visit here to retrieve the Ceros tracking template. Make sure to replace <YOUR NUDGE SCRIPT CODE> with the code you copy-pasted above.




To make use of the functionality, you need to have your final, published URL from Ceros. Once this URL has been visited once, you will be able to whitelist the URL in your Nudge dashboard as you do usually.


Tracking Interactions

Nudge also integrates with Ceros events.

To get set up tracking interactions on a page, you will need to place a standard Ceros button or image. Once this is in place, select it, and select the "SDK" button (shown below.)



Once this screen has appeared, make the following changes.
1) Tag the image / button with "ndg"
2) Set the Payload value to the name of the interaction that you'd like to see appear inside Nudge, for example: "share", "click", "next page" -- anything you'd like)
You're done! Once the URL has been whitelisted as instructed above, these events will now be automatically added into your campaign.
Setup Checklist
The Ceros setup requires a few pieces to be checked.
1. Is the Nudge javascript needs to be set up on all campaigns. This means, if you have a specific desktop site, as well as a specific mobile site, these instructions will need to be added to both.
2. Make sure, for every button you want to track with interactions:
a) Has the "ndg" tag applied to it
b) Has text in the "payload" field.
This will also need to be repeated for both campaigns.