How to add Nudge with Google Campaign Manager (DCM)

Google Campaign Manager formally DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DCM.

The Nudge Tracking JS can be implemented as an Event Tag in DCM.

This is useful for deploying the tracking JS via a Creative you are running in DCM. This method is useful when you have accompanying creatives that will be displayed next to the content you wish to track with Nudge.

Adding Nudge to the Creative in DCM

1. Open the campaign you wish to use Nudge with and select Properties.
2. Scroll down to Event Tags and click Create New Impression tag.
3. Add a name to the impression event tag eg Nudge.




4. Select “Script” for the Tag Type and input your Nudge Tracking JS link in the Tag URL.

5. Click Save.

If you are unsure what your Tag URL is, please contact Nudge support using the helper in the bottom right.

Using the DCM Tags 

Once you've completed the set up, and exported the tags, you will need to use the INS tags (Javascript) like the example below. 

<ins class='dcmads' style='display:inline-block;width:1px;height:1px'
<script src=''></script>
</ins><SCRIPT TYPE="application/javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT>

NOTE: Please ensure that you use the INS Tag that has data-dcm-rendering-mode='script' . Without this set, Nudge will not work correctly as it will be pulled through inside an iFrame or as an Image Tag. 


For more information, please follow the steps outlined here

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