How to add Nudge to Wordpress via Nudge Publisher Plug in

First, download the latest version of the Nudge Publisher Plug in from Wordpress.  
This will allow you add and manage multiple Nudge codes across multiple posts or pages. 
Once you have downloaded and installed the plug in, you will need to  Activate  it in the plug ins page. The go to  Settings  >  Nudge Publisher . Here you can add and manage your Nudge tracking codes. 
To add a code, first fill in the  Name  field eg Nudge .
Then paste in the provide Nudge tracking code into the  Code  field and hit the  Add New Code  button.
Once you have done this, in the posts or pages you wish to activate Nudge on, simply select the code you with from the drop down in the  Post Sidebar widget under  Nudge Publisher .
Once the post is live it will be available to whitelist in the Nudge dashboard. 

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