Where your data goes

Nudge has a 'good person' policy, we respect the use of your data. 

Nudge data is collected and processed to show in your dashboard. 

Data is collected on your behalf, and held for that benefit. 

Data collected on your behalf, is not re-sold to other people. 

Anonymized and aggregate data is used for benchmarks to provide value back to our users. 


How data is collected

  1. Nudge javascript builds a data profile when a user visits a page. 
  2. Data is sent to Nudge for processing and revealing in your dashboard.
  3. This data is stored, in raw and aggregate forms inside the database.


Where data is stored

Data is collected, and sent to our databases in the United States. Nudge uses AWS to provide hosting for the data, 


GDPR Compliance

Nudge doesn't collect any personally identifiable information, and only uses first-party cookies to track users across content. Since Nudge does not do cross-domain tracking (i.e. third party cookies), and does not attempt to identify individual users, only how users behave in aggregate, we do not find we have issues with GDPR. Any request coming into Nudge comes with an IP address, which can constitute personal data. Nudge does two things here:

a) Calculate the rough location of the user, allowing us to render geographic heat-maps. Nudge then discards this address without storage.

b) Store the IP address for a short amount of time, in the form of webserver logs. This allows us to do fraud detection / prevention, and allows us to block spam directed at our platform. This data is removed after 2 days.


Please contact support if you have any concerns.

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