A walk through of the data

Campaign Overview

The campaign overview is your main point of call when it comes to reporting with Nudge. This screen will give you an overview of all your content in one place and snapshot how your campaign is going. 


To get to the Campaign Overview, simply click View Analytics from the main Dashboard screen.


Content list

The content list shows a list of all your content in the campaign along with a few performance metrics. People, Attention Minutes and Bounce Rate. 


Single content page

The single content page is similar to the overview in that it will show you mostly all the same metrics as the overview page, but at a more granular content level.
It also shows a more in depth view of how each piece of content is performing with the addition , Time to Scroll, Drop OffInteractions and on page Video metrics.


The insights page is great for giving you a campaign to date performance overview along with stand out sound bites on like best performing content, best social network and highest performing traffic source along with the executive notes.



Using the conversions tools, Nudge allows you to track all the steps from ad impression right through to conversion. Layering the Nudge metrics on top of this allows you to see exactly how people are converting, what content is driving the highest conversion rates and more. 


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