Why are earned impressions higher than shares? (Or shares higher than earned impressions)

The reason this occurs is that earned impressions are tracked when a user hits the page, Nudge is able to determine which network the user came from, and mark them thus. Since we track these as part of your impression, earned impressions will increase in realtime.

Shares, however, are synced with social networks. This is a number given to us directly by the network. This also means that while earned impressions are realtime, these will be updated between every 6 hours.

Reasons your earned impressions might be higher:

  • The sync might not have tracked your shares yet.
  • People are sharing the link privately - through private groups, or through messenger.
  • People are arriving at your content from Facebook, but not from a share (i.e. they were on Facebook, and visited your page next)
  • People are not sharing your content.

Reasons your shares might be higher:

  • Your traffic is primarily in-app.
  • Users are arriving at your content via an ad network, which removes the social network they have come from.
  • A social network has mis-tracked your page, this can cause large increases in share counts (into the hundreds of thousands). This is uncommon, but can happen under some setups.