What does whitelisting mean? (1)

Whitelisting is the term we use for adding a piece of content into a campaign.

Nudge see’s a lot of activity across a wide range of platforms and content, but not all of this activity is happening on paid content that is part of a campaign. To help manage what information we process for realtime reporting and what isn't needed, we built the whitelist. This allows campaign managers to tell Nudge what content is part of a campaign and needs to be reported on.

Once the content is added to the whitelist, Nudge will prioritize the processes of all data that is attributed to that content allowing you to get the real time insights and reporting for your campaigns.

Any pieces of content or URLs that Nudge sees traffic on, but aren’t in a campaign whitelist (unwhitelisted) will still be tracked for up to a month. The data will be kept in a unprocessed state incase it needs to be activated and pulled into a campaign later on.

If you need data recovered from the unwhitelisted state, please contact support.