Why isn't Nudge marking my URL as active?

Nudge requires at least one impression on a URL before it can mark it active.

Once Nudge has seen an impression, there's a secondary check which looks for different versions of the URL and links them to make sure all impression data is attributed correctly.

This ensures, that data is tracked correctly and URLs that aren't live yet, aren't marked active incorrectly.

Common Issues we see:

Code not on page

If you select "Check Installation" next to the URL, Nudge will check the content to determine whether it's running or not. If the status is red, the code is not installed. If yellow, please follow the warnings described immediately after. If you're not sure what to do next, please contact support@giveitanudge.com directly.


Incorrect Owner

If your organisation has multiple accounts, there is a chance that the incorrect piece of code is on page. If you believe this to be the case, please contact support@giveitanudge.com directly. Please check back here, as this metric will be added to the automated installation checker.


Nudge delays

Nudge, under extreme circumstances, can experience delays between receiving traffic, and assigning it to your campaign. If your URL is marked as green by the checker, and you're still not seeing traffic, this might be the case. Please check for notifications at the top of your dashboard, or contact support at support@giveitanudge.com.