How to set up impression and click tracking

The Nudge click tracker is great for tracking clicks and off page impressions. 

To create a click tracker, simply use the global Nudge URL below with the addition of a few parameters. 

Global Nudge URL - 


  • owner_id - this is your account ID. You can find this by clicking into your profile and checking under your name. (Required)
  • name - This is used to help identify the type of event you are wishing to track. ie Click or impression. 
  • content_id - This is used to categories or identify your impression or click. Often this will be an ad_id, creative_id or similar. (Optional)
  • r - If you are needing to redirect the user after recording the click / impression, use the r parameter. (Optional)



Once you have set up your click trackers you will also need to apply a few filters in the Nudge dashboard so that Nudge can report the correct data inside the correct campaigns. To set up the filters you simply need to add them in via the campaign settings under the Trackers tab.

screely-1576593888417.pngOptions for adding filters:

  • Name: Filter by a certain event "name" e.g. click
  • Content ID: Filter by content identifier, or ad ID. e.g. 12345
  • URL: Search for events generated from a certain URL. e.g.




This example will track a click and then redirect the user to Google.

As you can see from the example above, three parameters have been set.

  • owner_id, so Nudge know's which account to track against.
    name, set as "click" telling Nudge the type of event we want to track is a click
  • r, this is set to "" and will redirect the user there once tracked. 



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