Impression and Click Tracking via DCM/Floodlight

To set up an impression or click tracker inside DCM, you can do so by implementing an Event Tag.

This is useful for deploying the tracking pixels without the need to give the Publisher any extra code to place on their site, all they need is the normal DCM code.

1. Open the campaign you wish to add Nudge to and select Properties.
2. Scroll down to Event Tags and click Create New Impression tag.
3. Add a name to the impression event tag eg Nudge.




4. Select “image” for the Tag Type and input your Nudge Tracking link in the Tag URL. 

Your image tag will look something like:

Replace Nudge_account_ID with your Nudge account ID and content_id with your content id.
You can retrieve your Nudge account ID from the Nudge Dashboard.

5. Click Save.


For "Click" and other types of tracking, please visit the event-specific documentation from Google here.


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