How to setup Instagram video video and post tracking

The Nudge Instagram tracking works by adding the Nudge app to your Instagram account.

But in order to do this, you’ll first need to:

  1. Set up a business profile on Instagram.
  2. The Instagram account then needs to be linked to your Facebook business page. Please see instructions here. Important to note is that you (as the person) need to be an admin on the Facebook page in question.
  3. (Temporary step) Nudge adds you, as a Facebook user, to the app manually.

Once you’re setup on Instagram, you can move on to the Nudge app...


1) Click your username on the top right of the the Dashboard. You'll see a link "Integrations".



2) Select "Connect Instagram", then log in to the appropriate Facebook account. You should now see a screen like this (below), hit allow and approve the options presented by Facebook. 

Note: The reason behind the link to Facebook is that Facebook is attempting to bring brands using both systems under the same umbrella.



3) Done, you should now be returned to Nudge. The videos owned by the linked Instagram account will be available inside your campaign settings, where you can search and whitelist videos to your campaign. Once you have whitelisted your Instagram video, it will start showing in the dashboard.


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