How to set up Brightcove Video Cloud

1. Log into the Brightcove Video Cloud at 

2.  Click  Players  in the top  menu,  you can see  plugin s  section of the player and click on  edit .
3.  Click on  Ja va S cript  and add   into the input box. 
4.  Click on the Name, Options section and update  the  account information in  JSON  format.
For the  Name  add  Nudge  and then in the  Options  add 
 "account": "xxxxxxxx",
 "campaign_id": "xxxxxxxx"
Your account ID, and campaign_id can both be found in your campaign video settings.
5.  Click  S ave  and publish  the player. 
Notes / Support
- If your player autoplays, we do not track this.
- We support BrightCove Player v5 and v6, as well as Brightcove Video Cloud. Anything outside of these are NOT supported.
- Nudge currently only track plays through BrightCove.

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