How to set up Facebook video and post tracking

The Nudge Facebook tracking works by adding the Nudge app to your Facebook account. 

Please ensure, that you have access to an email account that can control the Facebook account. 

1) Click your username on the top right of the the Dashboard. You'll see a link "Integrations".



2) Log in to the appropriate Facebook account, then you should see a screen like this, hit allow. 




3) Done, you should be returned to Nudge, where you can search and whitelist videos to your campaign. 



If you are unable to connect, or aren't seeing the right videos or dark posts in your whitelist, please check if you have admin access. 

How to tell if you have admin access?

  1. Get a URL of one of the dark posts.
  2. Log in to the Facebook account.
  3. View the dark post in your browser.
  4. If you are an admin, you should be able to edit the post by clicking on the three dots. 
  5. If the post is unavailable, or you can't edit. It's likely you don't have the correct access.








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