Tracking with VAST / VPAID tags

Nudge can track your VAST-configured videos in two distinct ways.

To access your VAST configurations, visit your campagin edit screen, and click "Video".

Nudge creates VAST XML to include in your video set up.



VAST DFP gives you custom tags to use if you are delivering your VAST content through DFP. They key advantage here is that you can use and distribute one set of tags for all videos running through DFP, saving time and complexity from the implementation stage.

To create the first set of tags, enter the ID of an ad unit you wish to track. From here, the code you are given can be used anywhere.

To track additional videos in your campaigns, you will need to add the AD ID from DFP, and we will assign the data to your campaign automatically.

For more on activating via DFP visit here. There is also a tester here.


VAST Manual

VAST manual is available for users who do not distributed content via DFP, but still wish to track using VAST tags. You will need to enter a name, and for each different video you wish to track, you will need to give it it's own tags, as provided by the dashboard.

You need to take this tags and paste in to your existing VAST AD Tag. This will enable Nudge to track your video.


Why two different options?

If you look at the two panels, you'll see that DFP asks for a name and an ad ID. When you put the Nudge VAST tag in place, DFP will automatically assign each video it's own ad ID before sending Nudge the tracking information.

This ID can then be used as part of any video campaign inside Nudge.

When you are not using DFP, there is third party system assigning the ad ID's, so Nudge takes responsibility and creates these ID's for you.


What if I don't have a VAST Ad Tag? 

Most players will have a plugin, or set of instructions on enabling a VAST Ad Tag on your video. Please refer to their documentation. 

A Vast Ad TAG is an XML file, that hosts all the required information to serve (and track the video). You can read more here.




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