How to set up YouTube video tracking

The Nudge YouTube tracking works by adding the Nudge app to your YouTube page. 

Please ensure, that you have access to an email account that can control the YouTube account. 

1) Click your username on the top right of the the Dashboard. You'll see a link "Integrations".



2) Log in to the appropriate Google account, then you should see a screen like this, hit allow. 



 3) Done, you should be returned to Nudge, where you can search and whitelist videos to your campaign. 



If you are unable to connect, or aren't seeing the right videos or dark posts in your whitelist, please check if you have admin access. 

How to tell if you have admin access?

  1. Get a URL of one of your videos.
  2. Log into your YouTube account.
  3. View the video in your browser.
  4. If you are an admin, you should be able to edit the video, via the "Edit Video" button. 
  5. If the button is not visible, or you can't edit. It's likely you don't have the correct access.





I have access but can't see my videos in Nudge

  1. Double check, and connect your account slowly. 
  2. Sometimes once you hit connect with Google, it asks for your login, you then select the right login. Then it may ask again to select the account which manages the YouTube channel. Often by habit we click the top one, be sure to double check on this second screen that you have selected the right account. 
  3. This solves a lot of connection problems. :)

Alternatively if that doesn't work: 

  1. This could be a quirk in the permissions API, which can happen from time to time.
  2. Ask your admin, to reset your account permissions and/or to remove you from the account, then re-add you.. 
  3. Then reconnect your account to Nudge. 


That didn't work?

  1. Lodge a ticket with Nudge, include the URL of two YouTube videos that you have access to and provide screenshots of the edit view on those videos.
  2. We can then lodge a ticket with YouTube to provide extra help.


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