Demo Accounts

Nudge demo accounts are a feature in place for providing an interactive demo for all of our current features. There's a few pieces to be aware of when using our demo accounts.

The key things:
* The data is static. Things will not change.
* Not all features are fully supported.
* As new features are rolled out, you will ned to make changes to your existing accounts in order to have new numbers show up.

Setting up a new demo account

Creating a new account is fairly simple. Please refer to the below screenshot.

Template Concepts

A template is a group of metrics you've previously saved. It means you can tailor a campaign to your liking, and re-apply the same settings to multiple campaigns.
While using a demo account, it's also useful to understand the "Edit" mode of the Dashboard. When in edit mode, you are able to edit metrics, titles, and other parts of the Dashboard. You should use this mode to tweak everything to your needs. Once you're done, you should stop edit mode to save your changes, and to make the Dashboard presentable.
To know if you're in edit mode or not, press "View Analytics" next to your campaign. You should see a green indicator appear next to your login name. It'll look like below.


To enter edit mode, you will need to hit "View Analytics" next to the campaign you wish to work with. You will then find, on your top right menu, a new item: "Edit Demo Template". Select this item.


Once you've made your changes, the save button is in the same place.




Making and saving changes

Creating a new campaign

Once you have your demo account created, you will need to add a campaign to it. When you add a new campaign, demo users will have an option present "Demo Template". This is at the bottom of the creation page, and can be found again if you visit the "Campaign Settings" tab in your campaign edit view.



Here, you are able to select a default demo campaign, or use this time to create a new template.



Adding Content

Nudge demo accounts support adding content (i.e. articles) and video. To get started with this process, you will need to hit the "Edit" button next to your newly created demo campaign.


To add content, enter the URL as you usually would, and press "Add". This will add your content. Don't worry when the URL is not marked active, it will remain in the inactive category.




To add video, you will need to visit the video tab, and select the "VAST Manual" tab. You can add your videos by name here. Please keep in mind, two videos are generated by default for your account.




Making Changes

To make changes to your demo campaign, you will need to be in edit mode. Please see "Template Concepts" above.


Once you're in edit mode, you'll find that double clicking on metrics or titles will bring up the edit screen. To edit, make your changes, and click outside of the box to save the field. Please be mindful - numbers should remain numbers, and titles as alphanumeric.




Saving your changes

To save your changes, make sure to hit enter. After, make sure to hit "Finish Editing", as described in "Template Concepts" above.


Converting to a non-demo account

To convert a user to a non-demo account, you will need:

- Log in as the user

- Select "Profile" under their username in the menu item.




- Make sure "Enable Demo Mode" is not selected, and save your change.



This will leave your campaign intact, but remove the demo options and edits you have made. Any templates edited will remain edited and usable by future campaigns.

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