Exporting to Google Sheets

The Nudge Google Sheets sync makes it easy to connect Google Sheets to Nudge and run daily data syncs or exports.

From here, you can then pipe the data into any of your existing Reporting Dashboards easily using the existing Google Sheets Integrations.

To get started, firstly copy the Google Sheets Campaign Sync Template we’ve put together here.

  1. In cell A2 input your Nudge API KeyScreen_Shot_2018-07-06_at_5.00.48_PM.png
  2. In A3 input the Campaign ID that you wish to retrieve daily data syncs from.
    The campaign ID can be found by navigating to the campaign in the Nudge dashboard, and copying the string of letters and numbers between /campaign/ & /overview/
    E.g. https://ndg.io/campaign/9UxNW23D9PTcdD0vXnEi/overview/ Screen_Shot_2018-07-06_at_4.40.07_PM.png

Now that you’ve inputted the required details to run the exports, you now just need to initiate and allow the Nudge Campaign Sync app permissions.

  1. Open up the Script Editor from the Google Sheet by clicking Tools > Script Editor

  2. Select the updateAllSpreadsheets function from the dropdown

  3. Hit Run


When you run the script for the first time, you will be asked to approve the Nudge Campaign Sync permissions. Follow the onscreen prompts and approve the app.


Once you’ve finished approving the app and run the sync for the first time you will now want to finish up by setting a timer to make sure that the sync is ran every 24 hours.

  1. Click the Trigger icon located to the left of the Run button 
  2. Choose updateAllSpreadsheets, Time-driven, Day timer, Midnight to 1am from the select menus.

  3. Click Save

Congratulations, you’re now all set up and will see a daily sync of your campaign metrics pulled directly into Google Sheets

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