Exporting data from Nudge

Nudge has many options for exporting campaign and traffic data from the Nudge dashboard. 

Export Types

  1. Export to PDF
    The PDF export is good for allowing campaign and content managers to report on the performance of their content campaign with a presentable friendly PDF. The Export to PDF option will take a snapshot of the current screen you are viewing including the dates selected and process into a downloadable PDF ready for presentation.
  2. CSV
    Exporting to CSV is good for those wishing to extract the raw metrics from Nudge and use in their own reporting templates or dashboards. The CSV will include all Nudge metrics shown in the dashboard view.

  3. Traffic Sources
    If are are just looking for a slimmed down export containing the traffic source  breakdown this export is does exactly that. It will output a CSV containing the traffic source, people, impressions, attention minutes and avg. bounce rate. 



To export data using any of above options:

  1. From the campaign overview or single content screen, select the desired dates for which you wish to export data on.

  2. Click on the cog next to the date selector.
  3. Select Export
  4. Click CSV, PDF or Traffic Sources to begin the export process your desired data.


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