How to set up Distribution Tracking with any DSP

Nudge distribution insights a feature of Nudge that allows you to deep dive into exactly how your distribution is performing across publisher, placement and creative.

For more information on what Distribution Insights are and how they work, see our guide here.

The Nudge distribution redirect allows you the ability to set the extra URL parameters required to use the Distribution Insights without breaking or changing what’s already existing from another click tracker. It acts as a way to enrich your Nudge data without interfering with any other click trackers or URL parameters that other platforms or stake holders might already be using.

Creating a distribution redirect

To help get you started, the easiest method is to use our pre built tool here and following the steps below.

  1. Get your Nudge Account ID
    This is a 10 digit number you can find under your profile within the Nudge dashboard.
  2. Paste your Nudge Account ID into the supplied field in the sheet.
  3. Input the ad Destination URL (this is the destination URL that the Ad will be driving to), Publisher, Placement and Creative.

  4. In the Output column, you will see your newly generated distribution redirect which can now be copied over into your DSP Ad setup.
    -- If you aren’t seeing anything displayed in the output, make sure you have copied the formula down. You can do this by hovering over the bottom right corner of the cell, clicking and dragging down.

Example Distribution Redirect

NB: All values sent will need to be URL / UTF-8 encoded (r, ndg_pu, ndg_pl, ndg_cr). If these are not encoded, there’s a chance that the redirect will not occur, or data will be recorded incorrectly. Please see for more information how to encode URLs correctly.

Add a Distribution Redirect to your creative in a DSP

In most cases, in order to add a Distribution Redirect to your creatives running through a DSP, you simply need to replace your current Destination URL with a Nudge distribution redirect like the example above

  1. Log into your DSP and create or edit an existing campaign.
  2. Navigate to the your creative and add in your Nudge distribution redirect as the destination URL. 
  3. Save your changes.

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