Distribution Insights - Getting Started

The following guide is for users with distribution insights activated. If you are unsure if you have this feature turned on or are interested in having it added to your account, please contact support or your account manager.

Distribution Insights allows a much deeper and richer view into how your distribution is performing. It allows you to break down by Publisher, Placement and Creative and rank each ones performance against Impressions, People, Attention Minutes, Avg Scroll and Bounce Rate

Publisher Tracking

Nudge tracks Publishers automatically. You will see them come up as "publisher.domain.com" in the panel.

If you wish to override this, please use one of the two below parameters:

If either of these is tagged, it will override the referrer domain.


Placement Tracking

You will need to tag each piece of content, depending on which placement is in use. The tag to use here is either:

If either of these are tagged, we will mark it to be added to the placement table.

Creative Tracking

You will, as above, need to add another tag to each piece of content. The tag to use here is either:

In some cases, utm_content will be populated automatically by Google. We will use this, or ndg_cr / ndg_creative if available.


1. http://yourwebsite.com/2018/yourcontent/?ndg_cr=First%20Creative&ndg_pl=PL1

Will be shown as:
Publisher: yourwebsite.com (no ndg_pu or ndg_publisher tag was supplied so the website address used instead)
Placement: PL1
Creative: First Creative

2. http://yourwebsite.com/content/?ndg_pu=Website&ndg_cr=Creative%201&ndg_placement=Live%20Placement

Will be shown as:
Publisher: Website
Placement: Live Placement
Creative: Creative 1

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