How to manually check if Nudge is on my page?

If you would like to test that Nudge was installed correctly on your page manually, follow this guide. Alternatively, if you feel

Checking for Nudge through the developer tools

You can always manually check that Nudge is firing correctly by using the developer tools in your browser.

  1. Open your browser developer tools by right clicking on the page and selecting Inspect

  2. Select the tab labelled Network

  3. In the filter box, type in ndg

Now that you have the developer tools open and ready, copy / paste the URL of the page you would like to check has Nudge added.

Watching the developer tools and the Network tab as the page loads, you should see the Nudge Script initiate, unpack itself and start firing as seen in the image below.


Nudge initiating and firing heartbeat events in the Network tab.

If you are not seeing any scripts load with the ndg filter, this means Nudge is not on the page. In this case, you should check your implementation method and make sure your changes were updated, saved or deployed.


For Nudge to work properly, it needs to executed as a script on the page and not within any iframes.

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