Adding Nudge with Google Ad Manager (DFP)

Google Ad Manager

Ad Manager or DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), is Google’s platform for delivering ads to your website that you’ve created yourself, deliver through the Google Ad Exchange or other third parties.


Nudge allows you to measure the post click performance of your paid content. Specifically Nudge will help you determine how your content is performing based on a number of metrics designed to give you insight into what ads are performing best, how long people are spending on your content, if people are converting and give you the measurement you need to build your campaign reports. 


Nudge + DFP 

When you run your content, if like most publishers you are also running accompanying ads then using DFP to add Nudge is a great option. 
When you are running an accompanying ad on your site with the content, this ad in DFP is called ‘the Creative’. Using the creative we can add Nudge tracking that will allow you to track the content’s performance. 
You can do this in Ad Manager by clicking on;
Creatives >  Creative Templates >  New Creative Template
Next you need to;
  1. Name the template.
    This should be something descriptive and easy to remember. eg Nudge Tracking Template
  2. Import this creative template code
    This Creative Template will allow you to create an Image creative type and input a Nudge Tracking Script.  
Alternatively, if you would prefer more advanced features in the custom creative template you can build it yourself and append Nudge. 
  1. Add a new variable to the template.
    • Type: URL
    • Variable Name: Nudge Tracking
    • Help text: Paste in the URL of your Nudge Tracking JS
    • URL Type: Standard
    • Sample Value:

  2. Copy the code below and add this into the Code Snippet Text Area
    This can be either above or below any existing template macros. 

    <!-- Nudge Tracking Code -->
    <script src="[%NudgeTracking%]" async></script>

  3. Save your changes.
When you add a new creative, simply select your newly created Nudge Tracking Template and paste in the Nudge code URL.   

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